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Understand our products

What help do you need from us to understand our product categories on our website? We can provide you with corresponding solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Let us know your needs

After understanding our products, please fill out your product demand form and product usage, and we will provide you with the most reasonable solution, including transportation suggestions.


Provide the best quotation based on your needs

Once we provide you with a quotation and you approve the selection of units and housing, we require you to pay a deposit of 30-50% of the order.

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Confirm the deposit and arrange production

After receiving the deposit from your side, we will confirm the customization plan for the product with you again and arrange production as soon as possible.

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Product Delivery

Once your venue is ready, you can pay the final payment and shipping fee. We will work with your freight provider to coordinate the most suitable shipping date for you and the transportation method you choose. However, once it arrives at your location, you will need an additional crane to lift the product from the truck.

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Install and decorate your container room

It can be completed within a few hours, requiring at least 4 able-bodied individuals. All electrical and piping connections must be installed by certified technicians. Click on the link below to view the installation video.

Double wing expansion box series installation Installation of packaging box series Folding room series installation

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